Did you know?

Did you know that bees fly the equivalent distance of twice around the world to make just one jar of honey?

Around 22,700 trips are required to fill a single jar of honey. At its most productive, a single colony of bees could theoretically produce around 800 kg of honey. That’s almost a ton! 

They work hard! Let’s take care of them!

Bee Wise!!

Hey Honey

Yes…. its that intimate! Honey is one of the most amazing products (see elsewhere on this site)… But that’s only if its REALly honey!’Although we don’t seem to have a widespread problem of “fake honey” in Jamaica, it is possible for unscruplous ndividuals/businesses to have less than honey in a bottle. Imported honey is not allowed (unless under limited circumstances!), but that is another way fake honey could get on the market.

The solution? Ensure you rely on a trusted beekeeper!

Bee wise… choose BeeWise Honey Products for your honey and related products!

Pop-up Markets

These are interesting and expanding concept, providing a way for businesses to showcase their products, meet customers face to face, and yes…sell their products.

BeeWise has presented at four (4) events so far in 2022, with mixed but always useful results. Two more are scheduled for the remainder of 2022: Conu’co Market in St Ann) Sunday December 4 and Tarrant Baptist Church on December 20. OK… some business persons complain that they “don’t make anything”. I cant say that, but have certainly been disappointed in sales. For one event, additional costs exceeded additional revenue. Failure? Not really! All have presented an opportunity to learn to reassess, make new contacts, measure customer’s reaction and reevaluate strategy.

Every experience should be used for learning. Maybe your product strategy or other need re-thinking? Whatever the case. its important to balance not just monetary cost & benefits but non-monetary as well!

Think about it! It is a focused and inexpensive (yes… inexpensive) means to test out new products (and soft-launch), increase brand awareness and build customer base. Yes, you nay not have made a profit, but perhaps that should not have been the only objective. Use the opportunity to make contacts… both with customers as well as other business. Keep your eyes and ears open! Business is largely about networking, so build them up.

BeeWise plans to be in the Pop-up Business for a while yet.

Bee Wise!